BIRA’s Education Scholarship

GOAL: To establish a financial program to assist adult learners living on Block Island pursuing educational/training programs which will improve the quality of life of the applicant as well as of those whom he/she might serve.

PURPOSE: To offset the expenses associated with educational/training programs.

• Island residency of 24 months
• Expressed commitment to the island
• Proof of enrollment in a training/educational program
• Statement explaining the reason for undertaking this training /course of study, and what expenses will be incurred
• Completed application

• BIRA scholarship committee will review applications and make recommendations to BIRA board for final determination.

Click Here to Submit Online Application

Application should include:

1. Name
2. Address
3. Date of birth
4. Sex
5. Marital status and number of dependents
6. Date of last formal education, name and location (address) of institution
7. Cite reasons for enrolling in the current course/program
8. Name of institution sponsoring the program and dates of enrollment
9. How much funding is being requested
10. Short statement describing the course and purpose


Since many training programs are not based on a school year (Sept to June), funding will be on an on-going basis with applications accepted at any time during the year. $500 will be allocated for each year and will be available until expended. If funding is not exhausted in any given year, it can be carried over and used the following year.

Scholarships which have been awarded throughout the year will be announced at the annual meeting, however, disbursement of the funding will occur as needed throughout the year.

Recipients will be made BIRA members for the year and will be encouraged to continue the membership after completion of the program.