BIRA Contribution Policy

The BIRA board spends some of your dues and contributions on recurrent administrative expenses such as those associated with the Annual Meeting, the newsletter, and other mailings. Other expenditures occur when the board decides to mount a sustained attack on a particular problem such as the prevalence of deer and the related issue of Lyme disease. Finally, the Board sometimes makes contributions to other organizations or allocates funds for specific project in response to requests from outside.

The Guidelines for Community Programs Contributions are:

  • BIRAs first priority should be programs initiated by BIRA.
  • BIRAs second priority should be other projects that fit the primary goal of BIRA. These would be projects that protect and enhance the character and quality of life of the island and those that help bring together part-time and year-round residents,

In making its decisions about contributions, the BIRA board favors projects that:

  • Will have long-term value to the island;
  • Meet a demonstrated community need recognized by the public;
  • Will become self-sustaining and not expect annual funding by BIRA;
  • Are more appropriately supported by the organization rather than by individual contributions from its members.

The Guidelines for Social Service Contributions are:

  • BIRA will make periodic contributions throughout the year to social service organizations on Block Island.
  • 20% of BIRA’s annual budget has been committed to social service programs on Block Island for 2013.

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